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Laycoe & Bogdon PC Practice Areas

Our firm works with clients to find the best solution for domestic and family-related issues. Our practice areas include:

Divorce, including cases involving
  • Complex property matters, such as the valuation and division of business interests, commercial real estate, and other investments.

  • Child custody and parenting plan disputes, during the divorce and in subsequent proceedings for modification of custody and visitation, and

  • Child support disputes, during the divorce and in subsequent proceedings to modify and enforce child support orders, both in court and in administrative proceedings.

Divorce Arbitration

Modification and enforcement of decrees, including child support orders, custody decrees, parenting plans, contempt motion and other legal remedies.

Relocation of children, both during initial child custody or parenting plan action and after final decree or judgment has been entered.

Non-marital relationships, including cases involving

  • Establishment or disestablishment of parentage or paternity and the related child custody and child support issues

  • Custody matters involving requests for custody of children by relatives and other non-parents, and

  • Rights in and distribution of property and debts accumulated during cohabitation.

Agreements related to marriage, divorce and non-marital cohabitation relationships, including prenuptial agreements, property status agreements, separation contracts and domestic partnership agreements.

Estate Planning and Estate Administration, including the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives, probate and non-probate administration of a decedent’s affairs, trust administration, and litigation of related disputes.

Guardianship, including establishing and administering guardianships for minor children and adults who are unable to handle their own affairs due to an incapacity or disability.

Special Education, including representing parents in disputes regarding the services for which their children may be eligible under federal and state law.


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